This year was my first visit to the "All New" Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition. Many of the exhibits are from the previous exhibition at the Dapol factory in Llangollen, N.Wales. 'Though it was great to see the old costumes from the "classic" series in the mysterious darkness I loved so much of the original Blackpool Exhibition, I was somewhat disappointed not to find any exhibits from Season 2 of the "new improved" Doctor Who. Surely a new look Cyberman (or a lone Ood) wouldn't have been too much to ask, would it? I suppose we'll just have to go to Cardiff for that !
Again, this year I am hoping to put together another video project, which perhaps, may see the light of day as an extra on a future Altered Vistas production.
As with the Brighton Exhibition of last year, all the photographs featured on this page were taken by my belovéd wife Sharon.