The Few Doctors

Behind the Scenes
With Roger M Dilley

In the summer of 1997 I was fortunate enough to take part in "The Few Doctors". Director Kevin Davies (Hitch-hikers Guide; More than 30 Years in the Tardis; Shakedown; Dalekmania, amongst many others) and Dominitemporal Services supremo, Andrew Beech invited me to join the production team as Assistant Director. (Thanks chaps!) Kevin also mentioned that he's ear-marked me for one of the roles...for which I would have to shave off my beard (!) So, with a very cold chin, I WAS the 7th Doctor !(I reckon he just couldn't stand having more than one beard on the crew at one time!!)

Andrew and Stephen Mansfield rehearse for the 5th Doctors cricketing scene.

The Ancient and Worshipful Timelord Judges.

Jason Haigh-Ellery (before donning his Sontaran costume)gets to grips with Mrs Warbouys

The race is on ! Kevin puts the runners through their paces.

Little does the Tenth Planet Cyberman know that my umbrella is tipped with gold ! Nor does Susan Moore.

Helen Colthart (make up) puts the finishing touches to Peter Cox's Draconian arms.

Tony Clark get's a helping hand (three fingered, of course) from Stephen M.

Toby Aspin and Jan West prepare to ride off into the sunset.

The Cartwright sisters as Romana and Polly...or was it Polly and Romana ?

So much to do...and so little time !

The secrets out ! Adam Vanger isn't available for all the shooting days, so I get to play the 2nd Doctor as well...if only from a rear view ! Daniel Cohen (3rd Doctor) helps me get into character.

Helen gives Jan a touch of Hollywood glamour

They tell me it's bigger on the inside!

Cameraman Dave Hick lines up the next shot while Kevin directs the action.

My big scene with JNT. Needless to say,I am keen to get it right!

This Webpage is respectfully dedicated to all the cast and crew who made The Few Doctors.
Thank you for making it such fun !

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